Energy Medicine | Urgent Care

Your Emergency Long Distance Energy Medicine Practitioners

Energy Medicine Urgent Care was founded by Ethan Borg, M.A.OM, L.Ac, The EMtuitive. Ethan has been a practitioner of Chinese medicine since 1999. He is a licensed practitioner of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in the state of NY, though these treatments are available to you wherever you happen to be anywhere around the globe.

Ethan’s unique brand of medical Qi Gong has been used across tens of thousands of patient visits over two decades. His clinical schedule has been wall-to-wall busy for decades and often people wait years to get in to see him due to tremendously high demand. This Urgent Care model is a natural extension of the same services he has provided his clinical patients for years. Ethan teaches his methodology, dubbed Eminus Mirus, which means: “astonishing at a distance.” Hundreds of students have completed complex training under his tutelage. Beginners often find him via his EMtuitive videos and webpage. Ethan has broadcast treatments to hundreds of thousands of people for free via his long distance energy blasts, currently designed around protecting people from the pandemic pathogen.

With a career spanning over two decades and having written 20 books within the domain of Chinese medicine mostly for students of his methodology, strategies have been constructed to help with most ailments of the human condition. If your requests are beyond the scope of Ethan’s expertise, he will honestly convey this and fully refund your purchase. That said, immunological factors, tick bite pathogens, GI tract issues, allergies, injuries, and much much more are well within his practical experience.

Treatments are sent by Ethan himself or by trained students with years of development under his direct supervision.

Read more about Ethan’s journey in the Spirit of Change magazine article written about him, published Autumn 2020.