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Urgent Care Sent Even When They Are On Vacation

I’ve used Ethan’s Urgent Care services a few times now and have been very satisfied with the outcomes. There have been times I’ve been traveling and he’s been able to send me treatments which provided relief and allowed me to enjoy my trip. He’s always delivered the treatment within the stated time frame, even when he himself has been on vacation. I would certainly recommend using his urgent and non-urgent services.

Nick L

“Proven Life Changing To Me”

I cannot overstate how I grateful I am to Ethan for his Energy Medicine Urgent Care. It is always available to me in those unpredictable moments when I need it the most. The level of relief I have experienced both physically and emotionally is invaluable. And the comprehensive reports bring relief, understanding and an actionable plan if follow ups are needed. I am eager to introduce everyone I know to his work, as it has proven life changing for me.
S. Rafferty, USA

Severe Abdominal Pain Relief

In August, just before we were going away on a trip to Colorado, I got a severe pain in my abdomen, about where the descending colon is.  I sent in an Urgent Care request weekday/no report, and Ethan sent a treatment.  Within 2 hours the pain left, and I passed a huge amount of gas and foul material.  The next day I was totally back to normal, and we headed off down the road to visit friends in Colorado, where we had a wonderful time.  Thanks Ethan!

Brian G, Canada

Work On Infection Saved My Toe

I have found the emergency treatments of great value.   Most of the time I have been completely delivered of pain when you have sent a treatment.  You did mention zonulin clearing.  Something I had never heard about before.   Now it is something I regularly have to clear.   One time an infection in my big toe required a follow-up but considering how deep the cut under the nail bed it was and that I eventually lost the toe nail I am grateful that I did not lose my toe!  Your consistency with following up is greatly appreciated.

It has been a blessing knowing that when I get in severe trouble that an urgent care option is available, especially on weekends.   I am not able to use regular medical facilities because of my severe MCS/EI.   In September I had an eye infection that was beyond our ability to treat.   An Emergency Treatment cleared it up and restored my vision.

Brenda G, Canada

I Experienced Immediate Pain Relief

I was experiencing extremely intense pain as a result of a pinched nerve. The inflammation and pain was so bad that I was unable to do my PT exercises and struggled to get out of bed. Pain medications, a visit to the orthopedist, a chiropractor, and a massage therapist did little to relieve my pain or help me regain mobility. As a mom of four active boys, I don’t have time to be in pain or experiment with things that “might help” in a couple weeks. I reached out to Ethan for an Energy Medicine Urgent Care treatment. He’s successfully treated me for a wide-variety of issues for nearly two decades. Within hours of making my request, my pain started to quickly improve and I started to regain mobility. I was able to get out of bed and happily play with my kids. When I woke up the next morning, the pain was 90% gone. I was able to do my PT exercises again and quickly resolved the pinched nerve within a couple of days, regaining full, pain-free, mobility. Because of his work, I was able to heal and have not relapsed. I trust Ethan and Energy Medicine to help me when I get debilitating migraines, stubborn infections, hormonal issues, and to keep well during flu and allergy season. Thank you Ethan!

April C, Frederick, MD

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Immense GI Relief

I have used Ethan Borg’s Urgent Care several times with wonderful results. After months of suffering from GI problems, after one session with Ethan, I felt immense relief. I was able to eat again without pain!  It was truly miraculous! He also treated my Covid infection last summer, and I recovered in three days! The Urgent Care treatment allowed my teenage son to recover from influenza A in three days, with no complications. Ethan kept in touch and asked about my son’s symptoms, supporting him all the way to recovery. My 21 year old daughter has also used the Urgent Care treatment for her Covid infection and her recent viral infection. Every time Ethan has done incredible work! I cannot recommend this service more highly! Ethan is a true God-send! So much gratitude for all he has done for my family and me!

Maria Fung