Energy Medicine | Urgent Care

Familiar with Western medicine “Urgent Care?” We provide same day, long distance, medical Qi Gong

24/7, Same day care, but with 3000 year old long distance energy medicine

We have tremendous experience at your disposal. Learn more.

Ideal For Any Of These Situations

  • You need help today ASAP — weekday and weekends^  — for up to two separate issues
  • You are experiencing sudden, intense, overwhelming, and/or concerning physical, emotional, and even spiritual complaints
  • Your trusted, regular practitioner is on vacation, out of town, unavailable, or can’t help you fast enough and you feel your issue simply can’t wait
  • Your regular care improvements have plateaued and you need a new perspective on your situation
  • You find yourself in need of assistance while in between practitioners (ie. you just moved or your practitioner just retired)

Not For Western Medical Emergencies

  • If you are having a possible heart attack, stroke, cellulites, bowel obstruction or other immediate health care emergency, contact 9-1-1 (in the United States) or your local emergency number first.
  • Our services are not a replacement for Western emergency care during the acute stages of a potentially life or death medical crisis.
  • If you are not sure if you are having a Western medical emergency, please be safe and assume that it is. Western care will let you know if it is not an acute emergency. Do not delay emergency Western care for any reason, including to seek our opinion on your situation.

What We Provide

  • Within 24 hour care using long distance medical Qi Gong sent to you anywhere you happen to be around the globe
  • Full, clinical medical Qi Gong treatments
  • Decades of Eastern medical experience at your immediate disposal
  • Either a full detailed report or a quick paragraph synopsis of treatment actions/interventions depending on what type of treatment you order or the day of the week (weekend reports are always quick synopsis)
  • Optional: Your report forwarded to your regular practitioner (by email)
  • And for practitioners: care for your patients during your rest and rejuvenation time

The Process In A Nutshell

  • In the menu above, select “Purchase”
  • Is today a weekday or weekend? Click on the appropriate day. Please note: Friday after 4pm is considered the Weekend.
  • Your purchase of a treatment is your required agreement to our Informed Consent
  • Within 24 hours of receiving your treatment request, your treatment will be sent to you shortly followed by an email containing your Treatment Report (see Weekend Limitations on Treatment Reports below)
  • If you elect to have your report shared with another practitioner it will be emailed to your trusted healthcare provider as well. Please note that your providing us your practitioner’s email is your agreement for us to share your medical information.

You Can Purchase Treatments For

  • Yourself
  • Minors 17 years of age or younger for whom you are their primary care giver
  • Adults 18 or older if you are their “legal healthcare proxy.” See here for a definition of Legal Healthcare Proxy.

You Cannot Purchase Treatments For

  • Other adults such as children 18 or older or spouses unless you are their legal healthcare proxy. Adults must purchase their own treatments in order to agree to our Informed Consent
  • Pregnant individuals. Out of an abundance of caution, we do not treat during pregnancy.

Shout Out To Practitioners: Enjoy Your Vacations

If you are an acupuncturist, medical Qi Gong practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, or energy medicine practitioner and you are taking a vacation, send your emergency patients to us while you are away, knowing they will receive excellent care backed up by decades of Eastern medicine experience. Finally — you can get a real deep rejuvenation knowing that others are there to help your people especially if you are a single practitioner with patients who need care that might extend into your R&R time. Your patients are your patients. We will only provide them urgent care. As practitioners ourselves, we know how important it is to get a full vacation recharge. We are here to support this as your professional backup.

Do We Take Vacations?

Yes we do, but we still provide limited care during our breaks. During vacations our service is active, however, you will find the same limitations we have on weekends follows us on vacation days — in this case, treatments are sent but no treatment reports are generated. See our upcoming vacation dates.

^Weekend Limitations

Weekend emergency same-day treatments are sent but please note that no treatment reports are created. Neither you nor your trusted professional you wish to receive reports will receive a treatment report for weekend or holiday care. Given this, we recommend weekend and vacation treatments for people who have worked with us previously and have therefore generated trust with our care.

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