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Today Is A Weekday | Quick Synopsis | Same Day Treatment*

Today Is A Weekday | Quick Synopsis | Same Day Treatment*


Monday through 4pm Friday, if you have urgent need for medical Qi Gong, we have you covered with a full session. No treatment report is generated and office notes are also not detailed. You will receive a quick paragraph synopsis of what was perceived and addressed. This is recommended for repeat customers that already have built a high degree of confidence in our work.



***PLEASE NOTE: No Detailed Report Is Generated | Full Treatment Sent

FOR MONDAY THROUGH 4pm FRIDAY. [Fridays after 4pm are considered Weekend treatments.]

Do you need immediate long distance energy work? Sign up to receive a full, complex, well detailed medical Qi Gong high energy high impact session. While the treatment is sent, no detailed office notes are taken and no reports are generated except for a quick paragraph synopsis. This is ideal if you have used our services before, know how well we execute our work, and therefore have high confidence that we will provide an excellent result regardless of whether you receive a report or not.

These interventions are for immediate, acute, same day “emergency” needs. However, if you are experiencing a possible life threatening emergency such as a possible stroke, heart attack, anyeurism, unusual seizure, etc. immediately contact Western emergency medicine first. Our work is not a replacement for Western care during life threatening emergencies. If there is even the smallest possibility your issue is life threatening, call emergency Western care now. However, once you have organized Western care, we can be brought in for evaluation of any acute situation.

Our services are great for:

  • Acute illnesses
  • Falls and contusions
  • Intense, non-life threatening pains
  • Sudden onset or short term insomnia
  • Acute GI emergencies that are not life threatening
  • Sudden worsening of allergic symptoms
  • Chronic problems needing a new perspective
  • In-between practitioners and need immediate care
  • Hospitalized with no forward progress in your situation with Western care
  • And more

These sessions are full clinical appointments that include very strong energy interventions. You can receive the same work with a highly detailed Treatment Report if you select to receive a treatment with a Treatment Report.

Upon the completion of your treatment, you will receive an email indicating that your treatment has been sent.

Since no treatment report is generated with this treatment option, no reports are emailed to your primary provider.


View 30+ Five Star Testimonials By Following (This Link)

or just enjoy this testimonial here:

This past summer (2012) Ethan Borg [founder of Energy Medicine Urgent Care] saved my seven year old Autistic and non-verbal son Ian from emergency surgery. We had just spent most of the morning hiking at the park (our second home) when Ian went from 0-60 in seconds. He was fine one moment and then turned white and unable to even walk. He was doubled over into a ninety degree angle and unable to move screaming in pain. Immediately I called his pediatrician’s office. We were told to rush him to Emergency because he was presenting with appendicitis. I prayed all the way as he was vomiting non-stop in the car. I called a friend (who also is a patient of Ethan’s) so that she could locate Ethan because I was driving to the hospital. What I’m about to tell you is absolutely and completely amazing and totally unexplainable to most people – especially the doctors and nurses. After Ian was triaged at the hospital he waited bravely lying in an ER bed trying to find some comfort watching a cartoon on DVD. It was at that moment Ethan called to tell me that he had sent treatments to Ian. Ethan said he found a worm in his illeocecal valve and the valve was locked open. Ian’s appendix was also infected and inflamed. It was like the section of the Wizard of Oz when the movie becomes colorized. “Cue the munchkins!” Ian – who was completely white as a sheet all of a sudden started to regain a healthy perfect glow. If I didn’t see it for myself I would have never believed it. He then hopped off the table and was requesting a new DVD to watch while he waited. Upon discharge (less than an hour later) – the doctor wrote that Ian had a virus and was suddenly fine – they were not sure what had actually happened. We know it was Ethan!

Shari Mackay, Rochester, NY

**Please note: results will vary from person to person. And in the testimonial above the diagnosis was actually for “Gu” (akin to worms in Chinese medicine)

More Information

  • You may indicate up to 2 health issues to address during a session. If you provide a long list, only the first two issues will be worked on. For full clinical treatments, you should find a local practitioner who can provide more comprehensive care.
  • Treatments are offered first come first serve and can take up to 24 hours to be sent.

How It Works

  1. Purchase your treatment. Make sure you are purchasing the right treatment for the current day of the week. Your purchase of a treatment is your agreement to our Informed Consent. Please click on the link to read it. And only agree if you fully understand all of the terms it uses so you know what you are agreeing to (it is, however, spelled it out in regular language not “legal-ese”).
  2. VERY IMPORTANT. You will receive a receipt for your purchase. Please reply to that receipt and indicate the top 2 issues you would like addressed during the session.
  3. These treatments are not scheduled but are sent when the opportunity arises within the next 24 hours.
  4. You do not need to be alone to receive the treatment. There is nothing you need to do to prepare. If you are in a hospital setting, it is helpful to communicate this as certain modifications are taken into account knowing you are in cramped quarters with many interruptions. Your treatment will be sent at a random time to you that you will not be able to anticipate. There is no notice provided before it is sent. However, you will receive your Treatment Report after.
  5. Finally, you will receive an email indicating that your full treatment has been sent. No report is sent, so this will be the only communication.

Important To Know Before Your First Treatment

While many kinds of treatments result in immediate changes in your symptoms, not all do. And while some people are incredibly sensitive to energy medicine and feel the energy as it is being sent in real time, most people feel nothing at all. Neither of these factors are an indicator of your success with these sessions. Please allow at least 5 days to assess the impact of your intervention. For acute emergencies, please know that every attempt is being made for the impacts to be felt as immediate as possible, though this cannot be guaranteed.

Some problems feel worse after treatment before they feel better. This is called a “Herxheimer Reaction.” If you are likely to experience this, your practitioner will inform you. This has to do with how your immune system must clear the debris after infectious pathogens are killed off in the body.

It is possible you may experience no improvement in your condition. This can occur if the problem is complex and the wrong intervention is chosen, if the problem is intense and needs to be broken down over a longer period of time, or if this method is not the right method for you. If you do not experience a major shift in your situation, we apologize. However, we will be performing a professional service for you and you should not expect reimbursement if your situation does not improve. These circumstances are rare, however you should know before you purchase this service that there are no guarantees of success.

If based on decades of clinical experience it is unlikely that we can help you for your specified complaint, you will be reimbursed the cost of the treatment and no treatment will be sent. You will be informed by email in this case.

Click Here To: Read the Informed Consent. By agreeing to receive a treatment from Energy Medicine Urgent Care, you are agreeing to this Informed Consent.


*Same Day Treatment means your treatment will be sent within 24 hours of receipt of your order. If we cannot send a treatment within this time period, your purchase will be refunded in full.